We are a private group of solution based specialist here to help you navigate the waters of Maritime, or Admiralty Law and how to use your Equity and Cestui Que Vie Trust properly. Since 1933 when America officially came off the gold standard and agreed to start using Federal Reserve Notes or FRNs from a private organization called The Federal Reserve who then loaned these FRN's to our banks and credit card agencies at interest that we pay in the form of taxes, fines and/or penalties. Once this happened the only thing of value that could be used by your government to operate and continue to pay the now multiple war debts was We the People. We the People became the cattle property of the state and government via the Birth Certificate making us now CITIZENS of THE UNITED STATES not State Nationals or Natural Born Sovereigns. After 1933 the once Sovereign and independent united States of America became THE UNITED STATES and filed as such as a corporate status. In this CORPORATE or COMMERCIAL status and standing we have no rights if not exercised and applied  properly and they can and will do whatever they want to the people to squeeze you for your precious time, money/value and eventual your land and home. Since the bankruptcy of 1933 House Joint Resolutions 192 - June 5th, 1933 made it possible to now avoid this nightmare and remain in honor and most importantly help to eliminate the National Debt for everyone in America. Now We The People can finally take back that which was stolen by those in assumed power who somehow believe they have the right to trespass against us and take from and/or cause harm to every American without due course, compensation or justice. FYI this is not just happening in America. Canada is failing fast. Brazil is done for and America is next and only We The People can save it...

If Iceland can free themselves and even arrest the bankers and take over their monetary, medical and educational systems and regain their true Sovereignty once again, so can every American.....together. The pen is truly mightier than the sword, but always have the sword ready just in case. Remember We The People gave away our power to these criminals and only We The People can get it back, or loose forever the possibility of the American dream.

The team at PRS believes strongly that by empowering the people to legally and lawfully stand in their God given power we can and will free ourselves and soon those around us and finally live a free life of abundance and true prosperity.

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